The X Factor UK (Series 2)
Series 2
Broadcast from 20 August 2005 – 17 December 2005
Judges Simon Cowell
Sharon Osbourne
Louis Walsh
Presenters Kate Thornton
Ben Shephard
Network ITV
Number of finalists 12
Winner Shayne Ward
Runner-up Andy Abraham
Notable returnees Chenai Zinyuku (1)
Maria Lawson (1)
4Tune (1)
Ratings 8.73 millions
Previous Series 1
Next Series 3
Series 2 of The X Factor premiered on August 20, 2005 and ended on December 17, 2005 on ITV.

It was won by 21-year old pop/RnB singer Shayne Ward who was mentored by Louis Walsh in the 16-24s category.  As of 2017, it remains Walsh's only win as a mentor.

This series was watched by an average of 8.73 million viewers - an increase of 1.2 million viewers from the previous year.


Kate Thornton returned as presenter of the main show on ITV and Ben Shephard presented spin-off show The Xtra Factor on ITV2, while Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh returned as judges.

The second series was longer than the first, with seven acts in each of the three categories going to the judges' homes, and twelve acts in the finals instead of nine.


Live Shows: In a change to the previous series, the number of finalists were increased to 12 with the shows taking place over 10 weeks. This was the first series to feature three acts in the final.


Contestant Category Finish Elimination
Addictivladiesmini Addictiv Ladies
18-?, London
Groups 12th
week one
Majority vote
4tunemini 4Tune
?, Southampton
Groups 11th
week two
Majority vote
Phillipmageemini Phillip Magee
21, Larne
16-24s 10th
week three
Majority vote
Chenaizinyukumini Chenai Zinyuku
19, Bradford
16-24s 9th
week four
Majority vote
X Factor 2006 Live Tour
Marialawsonmini Maria Lawson
30, London
Over 25s 8th
week five
Majority vote
Nicholasdorsettmini Nicholas Dorsett
18, Enfield, London
16-24s 7th
week six
Majority vote
Theconwaysistersmini The Conway Sisters
17-?, Sligo
Groups 6th
week seven
Majority vote
Chicoslimanimini Chico Slimani
34, Bridgend
Over 25s 5th
week eight
Fewest public votes
Brendaedwardsmini Brenda Edwards
31, Luton, Bedfordshire
Over 25s 4th
week nine
Fewest public votes
Journeysouthmini Journey South
30-?, Middlesbrough, Teesside
Groups 3rd
week ten
Fewest public votes
Andyabrahammini Andy Abraham
41, North London
Over 25s Runner-up
week ten
Fewest public votes
Shaynewardmini Shayne Ward
21, Tameside
16-24s Winner
week ten
Most public votes

Selection process


See: List of The X Factor UK auditionees (series 2)

Notable returnees included eventual finalists Chenai Zinyuku and Maria Lawson who both auditioned for the first series and were eliminated at bootcamp. It was also during the audition stages for this series that viewers were first introduced to Mollie King, who was criticized by Sharon Osbourne for her outfit. Today, she is best known in the UK as part of English/Irish girl group The Saturdays. During the show, viewers were first introduced to Alexandra Burke, who would reach Judges' Houses before being sent home. She returned three years later and won the show.


See: Bootcamp (UK series 2)

Judges' Houses

See: Judges' Houses (UK series 2)

Summary of judges' houses
Judge Category Location Guest mentor(s) Contestants eliminated
Cowell Groups Marbella David Laudat, Sinitta 4th Base, Eskimo Blonde, The Brothers
Osbourne Over 25s Beverly Hills Gary Farrow, Mark Hudson Haifa Kayali, Joanne Hindley, Richie Glynn
Walsh 16-24s Dublin Faye Sawyer, Yvie Burnett Alexandra Burke, James Bellamy, Trevor Hodgson

Live Shows

Results Summary

Weekly results per contestant
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Eliminated Addictivladiesmini 4tunemini Phillipmageemini Chenaizinyukumini Marialawsonmini Nicholasdorsett Theconwaysistersmini Chicoslimanimini Brendaedwardsmini Journeysouthmini Andyabrahammini Shaynewardmini
Shayne Ward Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
(week 10)
Andy Abraham Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-up
(week 10)
Journey South Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 3rd
(week 10)
Brenda Edwards Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 4th Eliminated
(week 9)
Chico Slimani Bottom two Safe Bottom two Safe Safe Safe Bottom two 5th Eliminated
(week 8)
The Conway Sisters Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Bottom two Bottom two Eliminated
(week 7)
Nicholas Dorsett Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 6)
Maria Lawson Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 5)
Chenai Zinyuku Safe Bottom two Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 4)
Phillip Magee Safe Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 3)
4Tune Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 2)
Addictiv Ladies Bottom two Eliminated
(week 1)
Bottom two Addictiv Ladies,
The Conway Sisters,
The Conway Sisters,
The Conway Sisters,
No final showdown or judges' votes;
results were based on public votes alone
Walsh's vote
to eliminate
Addictiv Ladies 4Tune Slimani Zinyuku Lawson The Conway Sisters N/A
Osbourne's vote
to eliminate
Addictiv Ladies 4Tune Magee Dorsett The Conway Sisters Dorsett The Conway Sisters
Cowell's vote
to eliminate
Slimani Zinyuku Magee Zinyuku Lawson Dorsett The Conway Sisters
Eliminated Addictiv Ladies
(2 of 3)
Majority vote
(2 of 3)
Majority vote
Phillip Magee
(2 of 3)
Majority vote
Chenai Zinyuku
(2 of 3)
Majority vote
Maria Lawson
(2 of 3)
Majority vote
Nicholas Dorsett
(2 of 3)
Majority vote
The Conway Sisters
(2 of 3)
Majority vote




Elimination of Maria Lawson and "Irish Mafia" After the final showdown in week 5, controversy was created around the judges' voting process when Walsh cast the deciding vote to keep The Conway Sisters, who are Irish, in the show at the expense of Maria Lawson. Osbourne later claimed that Lawson was the victim of the "Irish Mafia" after Walsh chose to keep The Conway Sisters in. When the voting statistics were revealed at the end of the series, Lawson was revealed to have received twice as many public votes as The Conway Sisters. The controversy heightened when it was revealed that Walsh had also worked with The Conway Sisters personally prior to them auditioning for The X Factor. Osbourne's "Irish Mafia" remark resulted in an investigation by media regulator Ofcom over Osbourne's "Irish Mafia" remark, however on 9 January 2006, Ofcom cleared Osbourne of any wrongdoing.

Louis Walsh Rumours later circulated that Walsh had quit the show after being humiliated and "bullied" by Osbourne and Cowell. In addition to the media outrage at his choice to eliminate Lawson, there were verbal assaults. Furthermore, on 19 November, during the sixth live show of the series, Osbourne threw water over Walsh live on air after he asked her, "Are you on drugs? Are you taking Ozzy's drugs?" at the start of her (positive) critique of Journey South's performance of Robbie Williams' 1997 hit single "Angels". On 23 November, Walsh told The Sun: "I've been totally humiliated and undermined by both of them. This has caused me nothing but stress. The final straw was Sharon with the water and being booed by the audience and then Cowell saying I was an idiot and stupid... I've had enough. I'm going back to Dublin. I'm not putting up with it any more." Cowell apparently "begged" Walsh to come back and, in the event, Walsh did turn up for the next show; it was stated that he had indeed quit midweek but had been persuaded to return. He explained how he had felt he could not take the pressure any more, and denied that the episode was a publicity stunt.


  • As of 2017, this is the only series where Louis Walsh has been the winning mentor.